PhishBait ®

Outsmarting social engineering attacks. With PhishBait ® we simulate realistic social engineering attacks to test employees' ability to detect and respond to social engineering threats.


Are Your Employees Security-Aware?

A wise man once said: “The human factor is truly security's weakest link”. As the owner of a fast-growing e-commerce company, you've taken all the necessary security precautions to protect your business. You've invested in penetration tests and have a team of experts ensuring that your digital systems are secure.
However, your worst nightmare comes true when your company is hacked by an inexperienced employee who fell for a simple social engineering attack. The employee clicked on a malicious email claiming they had won the lottery prize, which allowed hackers to gain access to your company's sensitive data.
To prevent such scenarios, we offer our Advanced Social Engineering Attack Simulation service, PhishBait ®.


Introducing PhishBait ®

With PhishBait ®, we simulate realistic social engineering attacks to test employees' ability to detect and respond to social engineering threats.
We use a variety of tactics and scenarios, including phishing emails, pretexting, baiting, and more, to assess the vulnerability of your company's human factor.
Our service provides a comprehensive report on the results of the simulation, detailing the percentage of employees who fell victim to the simulated attacks, their vulnerabilities, and suggestions for improving your company's security posture.
With PhishBait, you can rest assured that your employees are trained to detect and avoid social engineering attacks, preventing significant damage to your business.


Real-World Testing

Simulating a social engineering attack allows you to identify vulnerabilities that may not have been discovered through other testing methods.

Identify Human Weaknesses

Identify vulnerabilities in your organization's human element, such as employee training, awareness, and behavior.

Identify High-Risk Employees

Identify high-risk employees who may be susceptible to social engineering attacks, allowing you to provide targeted training and awareness programs.

Evaluate Response To Attacks

Evaluate your organizatio's response to targeted attacks, which are often more difficult to detect and mitigate than other types of attacks.

Improve Security Awareness

Raise security awareness across your organization and foster a culture of security by highlighting the risks associated with social engineering attacks.

Enhance Trust

Enhance trust with customers and partners by demonstrating that you take security seriously and are taking proactive steps to protect their data.

The Process



Preparation for attack simulation



Implement the planned attack



Analyze simulation results

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